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Next stage of plans to improve Lymington Quay facilities

Along with Lymington Harbour Commissioners, and Lymington and Pennington Town Council, we are holding an exhibition of the latest proposals for the public facilities at Lymington Quay.

Plans will first be shown at two public presentations at Lymington Community Centre at 11am and again at 6pm on Monday 13 January 2020. The exhibition of artists' impressions and a 3D model will then move to St Barbe Museum and be on display until noon on 20 January, ahead of a planning application being submitted in February.  

Snug Architects were appointed to develop the two options for the site which will be shown at the public exhibition.  These proposals were based on the partners' aims for the refurbishment of facilities in the area, and consultation results from summer 2019.  

The first design has a pitched roof - the roof slopes down with an appearance reminiscent of the quayside's industrial maritime heritage. Although the aesthetics are familiar, this design uses contemporary materials.   

The other design is a flat roof option - this option has the possibility of creating a viewing platform on the level-surface rooftop, reached by a flight of stairs, to give an unhindered view of the Quay and Lymington River. 

There is the opportunity to comment on the proposals with a paper form at the exhibition, and online at from 13 January, ahead of the planning application in February which will itself have a consultation stage. 

Facilities in both designs are general toilets (unisex cubicles), a family toilet, a disabled Changing Places facility, and eight ensuite shower units, including provision for people with disabilities and families.  The building will house all the plant and equipment to service the building and it will continue to form part of the sea defence in this area.

Included in both designs is an art installation within the outer part of the building at ground level, using periscope mechanics to give all visitors views across the water.   This is under cover and incorporates a moveable faceted mirror surface so different views, not just one panorama, can be seen from the ground level. 

Cllr Alison Hoare, our Portfolio Holder for Environment and Regulatory Services said, "Lymington and the Quay are very important to the whole district and we are keen to see the public amenities on this site contribute to the vibrancy of the area.  I am grateful to everyone that took the time to complete the questionnaire, which made it clear that the toilets are very important.  We want to make sure the public conveniences are accessible to all, as well as making best use of the building. Local residents have seen the two proposals and are generally supportive of what is planned and I myself am excited by the possibilities this project now presents us." 

Ryan Willegers, Harbour Master and Chief Executive of Lymington Harbour Commissioners, said, "Lymington Harbour Commissioners believe that the new plans for the Town Quay reflect the feedback provided through the public consultation process.  Both outline design options for the new washroom building have given careful consideration to the prominent waterfront location and through the careful use of good quality materials will offer much improved aesthetics over the existing facility. Importantly, the new building will provide the higher standard of washroom facilities demanded by today's yacht crews and will allow Lymington Harbour to compete effectively with other Solent locations to attract visiting yacht business."

Lymington and Pennington Town Council has actively promoted the need to improve the Quay area as a prominent asset to the Town and believe that the proposed schemes enhance the area and create the opportunity for increased public open space, an important aspect identified within the results of the public consultation, as well as a significantly improved design of the toilet and washroom building.   

Comments on the two proposals can be given until noon on Monday 20 January.  The planning application in February will itself have further opportunity for comments.  

Both options are in the same position on the site but differ in their design. They also both consider sustainable design and have environmental elements, such as solar water heating panels as part of the layout.  

In the late summer of 2019, New Forest District Council, Lymington Harbour Commissioners, and Lymington and Pennington Town Council consulted on initial plans to improve facilities at Lymington Quay to inform drawings that will be submitted for planning permission.    This was driven by the need to refurbish the Council's public toilets, along with improvements required to upgrade the shower facilities for visiting yacht crews. 

All partners were keen to engage with residents and businesses to inform the proposals.  Over 800 responses were received to the Summer 2019 consultation which have now been used to develop pre-planning designs for the next stage of consultation.  Consultation summary at: 

This is approximately a three quarters of a million pounds amenity project, funded with contributions from the three partners. 

Outline timetable: 

• January/February 2020: Full planning application submitted and formal statutory consultation period providing final opportunity for public engagement.

• Autumn 2020: Works due to commence.

• Spring 2021: Facility opens

Updated: 16 Jan 2020
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