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Sustainable New Forest

We are committed to sustainability, find out how you can help our District

What is this about?
The following pages are about making your home more energy efficient - helping you to save energy and save money.  Read about the grants to insulate your home and the grants making renewable energy more affordable.  Check out how energy efficient your home is and how choosing the right kitchen appliances can save you pounds.

Why are we doing this?
Because the Government introduced the Home Energy Conservation Act in 1996 to ensure people could afford to stay warm and well in their homes and address the issues of climate change.

How can you do your bit?
Our homes are the obvious place to start and by gently 'greening up' our normal housekeeping routines it doesn't have to be too scary.  Simple things like not leaving the TV on stand-by, making sure food has cooled down before you put it in the fridge, checking that furniture isn't blocking out heat by being to close to the radiators, will all mean more cash in your pocket and it's good for the planet too.  Well, now you know how easy it is to do your bit we hope you enjoy browsing through these pages and find them useful.  And if you have your own top tip to share with us we would be delighted to pass it on, through this site.

Thank you

Updated: 1 Nov 2018
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